charter booking terms and conditions

Effective date: March 15, 2019

The Charter Company; BEAULIEU BOAT CHARTERS (hereinafter referred to as BCC), in accordance with the Charter Agreement (reviewed and signed upon boarding the vessel), will rent the charter vessel to the Client for the agreed period of the charter, and guarantees all charter vessels are in good condition and their machinery in proper working order.

The person who confirms the reservation or makes the advance payment (hereinafter referred to as the Client) establishes a legal relationship with BBC, thereby accepting the General Terms and Conditions. Everything defined by these conditions represents a legal obligation for the Client and BBC. These conditions are the basis for resolving any dispute that may arise between the Client and BBC.


Charter prices are given in Euros in the current BBC Price List. Upon the payment of the service as relevant is considered the calculated middle CNB exchange rate on the date of confirmed option in the reservation system used by BBC and includes TVA in the amount of 20%. BBC retains the right to change the Price List without prior notice, however changes will not affect bookings already made for which the deposit has been paid.

The Charter Fee includes a technically adequate, clean vessel with a full fuel tank; a fully qualified captain for the duration of the charter; full use of the vessel’s equipment; compulsory and comprehensive insurance, and accident insurance for guests and crew.

The Charter Fee does not include the cost of mooring or other port taxes during the period of the charter, costs of fuel, additional services and consumables ordered by the Client, pick up/drop off from other ports other than the vessels home port (except where previously agreed with the client), and car parking expenses.

The Client must, at the time of making the reservation, make a 250€ deposit to reserve the booking. The Client is obliged to pay the remaining balance of the total amount 30 days at the latest before the start date of the charter period. If the booking is made after 30 days of the start date of the charter, the client must pay the remainder of the amount due 3 days from receipt of the invoice. If the booking is made within 3 days of the charter date, the invoice must be paid in full prior to boarding the charter.

The Client can take over the vessel only providing that all necessary payments have been made.


If the Client wants to change the charter terms or cancel the reservation, this must be done in writing via e-mail.

If the Client cancels the reservation in writing, BBC reserves the right to apply the following cancellation charges:

  • In the event of a cancellation made up to 21 days prior to the start date of the charter period BBC will refund 100% of the Charter Fee.

  • In the event of a cancellation made within 21 days prior to the start of the charter period BBC will refund 50% of the Charter Fee.

In the event that the Client has to cancel the reservation due to objective reasons (death in the family or serious illness), BBC is not liable to return the paid amount, but BBC will issue a credit note that can be used in the agreed period.

BBC is not liable for damages in the event of reservation changes or cancellation due to situations such as war, riot, strikes, terrorist activity, exceptional sanitary conditions, natural disasters, interventions of local authorities, etc.)

In the event that BBC perceives the weather conditions to be too poor to charter the vessel, they will notify the client and issue a full refund.


The vessel carries third party damage and liability insurance (compulsory insurance). Comprehensive insurance for the vessel is provided in the amount of the vessel’s value as it is recorded in the insurance policy. The comprehensive insurance does not cover damages caused intentionally or by negligence. BBC shall have no liability for loss or damage to personal effects of the Client, or other passengers, nor is BBC responsible for any personal effects of third parties left on board. Upon making the advance payment and accepting the terms and conditions, the Client waives all damage claims towards BBC for loss or damage to personal or third party effects. In the event of loss or damage, BBC must be notified immediately. In the event of a more serious incident, or the participation of more than one vessel, the Skipper will notify the competent Harbour Master's Office requesting the necessary documents for the insurers.

The Client is liable for the costs of all damages to the vessel and/or equipment caused by Client or the Client party’s negligence or misuse and/or loss of one or more parts of the equipment, in the full amount.



The Client is financially liable for any defect or damage to the vessel that occurs during the charter period that is not related to the vessel’s depreciation. The Client is also liable for an excessive cleaning fees that may result from the charter. BBC is financially liable for any loss or damage that occurs during the charter period which is caused by reasonable wear and tear of the vessel and its equipment.



The client will have pre-payed for 200 EUR of fuel before boarding the vessel. At the end of the charter, the skipper will calculate total usage based on the fuel gauge. From here there will be one of two courses of action:

1.    If the Client has used less fuel than the pre payed 200 EUR then the skipper will refund the Client in cash at the time of completing the charter the total amount due

2.    If the Client has used more fuel than the pre payed 200 EUR amount, the Client will pay the additional amount owed to the Skipper, by credit card or cash, at the time of completing the charter

 Note: Fuel will be charged at the rate at which the vessel was refuelled at, based on the receipt held by the skipper from refuelling.



BBC reserves the right to limit the range of the craft either based on the vessel’s category or if conditions for navigation are unsafe or otherwise unusual. A ban on navigating the craft in the evening may also be pronounced by the Charter Company.