Frequently asked questions

Where does Beaulieu Boat Charters operate?

We are based in Beaulieu sur Mer in France. We are able to visit all areas from Menton to Cannes and can pick up from most ports within this region for an extra fee.

What are the times of my motor boat rental? Is there any flexibility?

All of our day charters are for a maximum of 8 hours from 10:00 until 18:00. You don’t have to arrive at the start time but unfortunately, regardless of what time you arrive, we must still be back in port by 18:00.

This is my first time renting a motor boat and I am not familiar with the region – who will advise me on where to visit?

With years of experience and a wealth of local knowledge, we are more than happy to share itinerary suggestions, including our favourite spots for watersports, dining and relaxing on this magical coastline. Let us know what you want to get from your motor boat trip, and we will happily suggest an itinerary and make any relevant bookings or arrangements for you.

Why are a maximum of only 6 people allowed for the charter?

Our boat is designed for only 6 people, and more people would result in not enough room for guests to enjoy themselves.

There are children in my group, is this ok?

Definitely, a motor boat rental is a fantastic experience for people of all ages. If children under the age of 16 are among your group, please specify prior to you charter so that we can ensure suitably sized lifejackets are put on-board.

Can we have lunch on the boat?

Eating lunch at sea on-board a motor boat is a lovely experience. Our boat is equipped with tables and seating and all cutlery, crockery and glassware (well, plasticware) so you can eat on-board in comfort. Our boat is equipped with refrigerators, a microwave, and counter space for food preparation If you wish to eat on-board, you may bring food with you– there are a wealth of delicious patisseries, cafés and supermarkets in the region where you can pick up divine local ingredients. Alternatively we offer some onboard catering options which will be arranged ahead of time with you. You also have the option of dining at the myriad of beach clubs and restaurants across the coast, which we will arrange for you before your charter.

Who will my skipper be?

Your skipper will be a professional, friendly and experienced driver. Skippers are carefully selected and are a fantastic addition to a motor boat rental due to their expertise and personalities.

Can I rent a motor boat for a half day?

For a number of logistical reasons, half day motor boats rentals are often charged at full day rates. Thus they are not advised for economical reasons. If you are willing to pay day rates but do not intend to stay on the water from 09:00 to 19:00, then this is absolutely fine.

How do I pay for a motor boat rental?

Once you decide to book a motor boat rental, you will pay a deposit of 250€ upon booking. From there we will email you to arrange full payment including any extras you may want. The two most common ways of paying for your motor boat rental are by bank transfer or credit card. Before you make a payment, we will give you a full invoice that shows the payments due in euros.

Note: If you pay by credit card, there may be a surcharge of 2%.

Where will I board my motor boat rental?

You may board your charter at most ports within the region of Menton to St Cannes. We will arrange with beforehand you where you would like to board your charter. Once the port has been selected, we will clearly outline your point of pick up when confirming your booking. We will also connect you with your skipper in advance of your motor boat rental, so that any last minute changes can be easily accommodated for.

What should I bring with me on my motor boat rental?

This depends on your plans, however we always recommend the following: sun-cream, sun-hat, sun-glasses, food (depending on your plans), soft drinks/alcoholic beverages of choice (if you are bringing your own), layers (it can get cold at sea), camera, and your wallet for any extra expenses such as fuel. We provide complimentary water, Rosé and towels for the duration of your charter.

Why do I need to bring money with me?

You may need cash for a number of things on your motor boat rental, for example if you wish to tip your skipper, pay for extra fuel/expenses that you had not paid for in advance, or pull into a beach club or restaurant where you need to tip the tender driver. Please note that we accept credit cards on board.

Do I have to tip the skipper or crew and if so what is the normal amount?

If your skipper has been very helpful, professional etc during your motor boat rental and you therefore would like to give a tip, then it is customary to pay 5% to 15% of the total charter amount. If there are several crew members, present the tip to the captain who will share it out to the crew for you.

Your prices are quoted as €x + fuel/expenses. What does this mean?

Beaulieu Boat Charters tries to ensure that you are aware of all costs before paying for a boat. However, costs can change depending on your itinerary and requests. For motor boat rental the main additional cost to the charter fee will be fuel. The cost of fuel depends greatly on engine size and your itinerary. Weather can also effect fuel consumption, making it very difficult to estimate costs. Other costs to consider are berthing fees (normally not applicable unless stated), and skipper fees.

What happens if the weather is too bad to go to sea?

If it is deemed too unsafe for your motor boat to go to sea due to adverse weather conditions, then your motor boat rental will be rescheduled, or if this is not possible then you will be refunded in full.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions regarding motor boat rental please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions.